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Add French Fries

Chicken Wings (6) (12)
Breaded, Buffalo, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Thai, Chilly, Salt & Pepper

Steamed Oyster (6) (12)

Raw Oyster (6) (12)

Fried Calamari (15)

Onion Rings (15)

Hushpuppies (10)

Fried Fish (10)

Mozzarella Stick (6)

Chicken Nuggets (10)

Fried Chicken Tender (5)

Fried Shrimp (6)

Fried Oysters

Fried Sweet Potato

Stuffed Jalapeno (6)

Fried Pickles

Mini Crab Puffs

Thick Cut Potato Ribbons w/ Queso

Side Orders

Sausage (1LB)

French Fries

Corn (3)

Garlic Butter Bread (6)

Potato (3)

Steam Rice

Seafood, Soup & Salad

Cajun Shrimp Soup

Gumbo Soup with Shrimp

Green Salad


Cajun, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, Louisiana, Garlic Sauce
Extra Sauce +$

Heat Level

No Spice, Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot

Seafood (Comes with Corn & Potato)

Dungeness Crab (1LB)

Lobster (1LB)

King Crab Legs (1LB)

Black Mussel (1LB)

Green Mussel (1LB)

Garlic Tilapia
Presented deep-fried, whole with head on

Clams (1LB)

Shrimp (Head On) (1LB)

Shrimp (No Head) (1LB)

Craw Fish Seasonal (1LB)

Craw Fish Frozen (1LB)

Snow Crab Legs (1LB)

Blue Crab Seasonal (1LB)

Special Combos (Comes with 2 Corns & 2 Potatoes - No Substitutions Please)

Combo A
Snow Crab, Lobster, Shrimp No Head (1/2 LB Each)

Combo B
Blue Crab 1 LB, Shrimp No Head 1/2 LB, Sausage 1/2 LB

Combo C
Blue Crab 1/2 LB, Snow Crab 1/2 LB, Shrimp No Head 1/2 LB, Sausage 1/2 LB, Clams 1/2 LB

Combo D
Crawfish 1/2 LB, Shrimp w/ head 1/2 LB, Sausage 1/2 LB, Snow Crab 1/2 LB, Blue Cram 1/2 LB, Green Mussels 1/2 LB

Blue Crab Special Combo
Snow Crab 1/2 LB, Lobster 1/2 LB, Shrimp Head/No Head 1 LB, King Crab 1/2 LB, Dungeness Crab 1 LB, Blue Crab 1 LB, Craw Fish 1 LB, Green Mussels 1/2 LB, Black Mussels 1/2 LB, Clams 1/2 LB, Sausage 1/2 LB


Blue Crab offers a full service bar with both domestic and imported beers, cocktails, and a selection of wines.
Check out our Happy Hour Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm or ask your server about the daily drink specials.
Blue Crab proudly serves Coca-Cola products along with sweet and unsweetened tea.

20% gratuity added to parties of 8 or more, (seperate checks included).
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